Rush Limbaugh Endorses FairTax on Air

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Rush [Limbaugh] was talking today about how government’s single most selfish and carefully guarded power is the power to tax and play with trillions of dollars, and he said that everyone should read the FairTax book because we would need a total revolt among the people to get something like that passed in Congress. I also know for a fact that talk show host, Michael Medved, is a supporter of the fair tax.

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  1. rush limbaugh endorses fairtax

    If you aren’t familiar with the new FairTax Law…get in the know! I’m sure certain individuals, groups, and the IRS are getting a bit giddy. And with good reason, a selfish power structure stands on the verge of collapse.

    Even Rush Limbaugh is en…

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  2. Hannity and Boortz are good friends, and Hannity had Boortz on the air the day the book was released. Boortz was also on Hannity & Colmes, albeit, only for about 6 minutes talking about the plan.

    Hannity also supports the plan. This is making its way into the consciousness of a lot of people with these big-name folks supporting it.

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  3. Here’s a link to the full, uncut video of Boortz on Hannity & Colmes, for anyone who’d like to see.

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  4. […] Remember, the current income tax system gives politicians, and the interest groups that support them, a tremendous amount of political power. Any major change to this tax structure — such as eliminating the income tax and abolishing the IRS — would require massive public support in order to be passed. So massive, in fact, that the phrase “public support” might be a misnomer; it might require, in Rush Limbaugh’s words, a total revolt. […]

  5. You can not have a “fair tax” when you use dishonest “money” such as Fiat Money. Today we have no dollars in our possession but simply debt instruments. The definition of a true dollar is measured in grains of silver not ink on paper. Money backed by debt is truly not money but a bankster N W O scheme.
    The foundering fathers gave each citizen 5 personal ways to check an out of control government: 1. Primary Elections. 2. General Elections. 3. The Jury. 4. The Grand Jury. 5. Money. In all 5 areas you originally could vote and keep government in check. Around 1913 our 5th method of keeping government in check was taken away. That 5th method called voting with your dollars was taken away by a non federal non reserve “Federal Reserve”. Check out this audio
    READ BOTH BOOKS that Neal Boortz wrote and you will find that this “brain trust” that came up with this scheme leaves out the most important input which is that of a constitutional perspective. May be that is why Ron Paul has not endorsed it.
    I find it ironic that when American Citizens are in larger numbers beating the IRS in court based on the premise that the Income Tax is a fraud to begin with (See Tom Cryer or Joe Banister on Youtube) and that a “Libertarian” Neal Boortz is the one pushing the communist plank (Income Tax).
    I had listen to Boortz for years on the radio and began questioning his credibility when he was pushing for the death of Terry Schiavo. Based on his radio show I was under the impression that Terry Schiavo was a vegetable. Upon checking out her condition on Youtube I was shocked to find out she was very much alive. The point here is, if he was for the death Terry Schiavo based on his observation of her condition, (and she appeared very much alive) then what does he really know about the “FairTax” other than the money he makes from selling the books.
    If the FairTax came from the progressives or democrats I could understand what was going on but coming from the conservative side I think the Elites of the New World Order crowd and Bankster communities are laughing themselves to sleep every night. I thought “conservative” were for less taxes and less government. Being for “FairTax” just legitimizes an unconstitutional scheme and more bureaucratic governance.
    I know there is great hatred for the IRS but it is naive to think they will not morph into the treasury department and force every businessperson to be a policing agent for the federal government.
    The bottom line is without Honest Money the Feds will continue to print “money” from thin air whether you have a “FairTax” or not. Government will continue to bloat and our children will be enslave by our naivety and stupidity. Start with an Audit of the Fed before you legitimize this abomination of a tax that taxes both services as well as products. If you have to start somewhere start there!
    Remember what Thomas Jefferson said, “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money,first by inflation and then by deflation,the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks),will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” Andrew Jackson so detested central banks that his tomb stone reads, “I beat the banks.”
    After reading both of Neal Boortzs’ books and talking to many people I think the “FairTax” will be a Trojan Horse issue that many conservative republican will loose to the RINO Republicans. After all, who did Neal Boortz support in 2008, not any Libertarians but the biggest RINO (Republican In Name Only) out there, John McCain
    The true constitutionally minded real conservative solution is to be for Honest Money (not the “FairTax”), Auditing the Fed and finding out why in the fall of 2008 the banksters held the American Citizens hostage. Why was AIG given money and Lehman Brothers not. Why are We the People left holding the bag?

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  6. American goods have on average 22% of their price as hidden federal taxes. Under the free trade policy, we should have ended the production taxes(IRS)and wen to a consumption tax to keep from losing the US industry we so done over the past 30 years. Read here about this and how we have gone wrong as a nation andhow to save the USA fiscally:

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  7. I’m still waiting for someone, anyone, to tell me how this tax is “Fair” when it increases every time inflation increases. My inflation indicator went off earlier this week. Fortunately she was not injured when she fainted dead away in the coffee isle. “Coffee went up $3 since last week she declared. Pick your poison. Cain’s 9%, the tax increase was 27 cents. So the one pound bag of coffee that was $7 and 63 cents tax last week would be $10 and 90 cents tax this week. How does this help “the people”? Helps the government. No us.

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