Karl Marx and the Inheritance "Death" Tax

September 21, 2005  ·  Filed under: Criticisms, Humor

Media Matters, the watchdog web site for “progressive” political views, is playing gotcha with Neal Boortz about his recent comments on Fox News:

COLMES: So they should not have — are you in favor of tax cuts? You want to have more tax cuts at a time — you want to cut the state taxes at a time when they’re still struggling to pay for it and help the rich? Is that what you want to do?

SEAN HANNITY (co-host): Absolutely.

BOORTZ: As much — as much as it disturbs the followers of Karl Marx, yes, I want the death tax over with.

COLMES: I’m a Marxist now, I see. OK.

Media Matters spins this as a blanket accusation that all advocates of the estate tax are “followers of Karl Marx.” Their headline pretty well sums it up: “Boortz referred to estate tax proponents as ‘followers of Karl Marx’

A cursory examination of Boortz’s original remarks reveals that Media Matters is twisting his words to mean something different than what he actually said.

Boortz posted a deft rebuttal in today’s Nuze:

Not that it really matters to Media Matters, but here we have them cold engaging in a bit of rhetorical dishonesty. I most certainly did not say that those who supported the death tax were followers of Karl Marx. What I did allude to was the fact that followers of Karl Marx would also support the death tax and that Marxists would most certainly be upset if the death tax were to be repealed. Evidently the difference between the two statements is just a bit much for the brilliant progressives at Media Matters to absorb.

Now … let’s deal with my assertion that Marxists would be upset if the death tax were repealed in the United States. All we have to do is go to Karl Marx’ Communist Manifesto written in 1848. In The Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels provide us with a list of ten things that really need to happen if we are going to realize the Communist worker’s paradise in any particular culture or country. Let’s go to number three on that list. “Abolition of all rights of inheritance.” So, what does the death tax do? It abolishes the right of inheritance to at least a portion of one’s estate. The higher the death tax percentage, the more the right of inheritance is dissolved, and the better our progressive friends like it. Lower the rates and they scream bloody murder. Eliminate the death tax and the followers of Marx and Engels are ready to drink the Kool Aide.

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