New way to Share a Fair Tax Book

July 31, 2006  ·  Filed under: Activism, Education

Do you have a FairTax Book that you lend out? Have you been thinking about taking Neal Boortz up on his suggestion and leave a copy at the airport?

Check out It is a way to track how far you books travel and it is Free. This is an Internet tracking website just like, but this site tracks books instead of dollars.

I’ve uploaded labels to the Scorecard. The Big labels have directions and a place for the tracking number and small labels say “Take Me Home” and are to be placed on the cover.

If you need copies of the Fair Tax book, has them for $7.80 and you can get free budget shipping on 4-9 copies.

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  1. Off-topic: Apparently Mr. Vance has written another spiel against the FairTax (and in the comments says he plans to write another one regarding the 2nd issue of the FairTax book), and it’s gotten quite a few comments in the Mises comments section.

    Some of the comments are pretty wild, so if you’re going in prepare well.

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