Its time for a tea party again

It’s Time for a Tea Party Again

June 30, 2006 · Category: Activism

Looking back over two-hundred years, the founding fathers of this country kept petitioning the King of England with redress of grievances brought upon this nation by the Crown. King George stopped listening, and even went so far as to enact a tax on tea. Eventually the colonists had enough and in 1773, they snuck aboard three British ships in the Boston Harbor and dumped several hundred chests of tea into the water as an act of grievance against unfair taxation of the colonies by Britain. The Boston Tea Party became a symbol of the American Revolution and the determination of the American people.

Perhaps we need a tea party again! Many Fair Tax supporters across the nation agree and they are sending tea bags to Congress as a symbol of opposition to the modern day oppressive taxation administered by the IRS. We need a reform movement of revolutionary proportions to abolish the Income, Payroll, Gift, and Death Taxes.

We must all write our Senators and Representatives and let them know that we are a band of Tea Party Buccaneers who demand the Fair, Simple, and Transparent Tax Replacement proposed by the Fair Tax Act of 2005 (H.R.25 and S.25).

Re-label the tea bag tag with a “No Income Tax”/”No IRS” tag. I’ve uploaded a label document to many of the State Fair Tax Yahoo groups with either or your state’s Fair Tax web site address. Or, download a label with from the scorecard here. Print the word document on to Avery 8160 address labels.

Regardless of your letter’s subject, just drop a tea bag in the envelope. Even on non-tax issues, drop a tea bag in with the brick. Eventually, the aroma of all of this tea will permeate the halls of congress. The smell of tea will become a lasting reminder of our demand for the Fair Tax.

A typical letter, tea bag and envelop weighs about half an ounce and is less then 1/4 inch thick, however, you may wish to consider a padded envelop to protect the tea bag while it travels through the postal system. Some supporters suggest sending a whole box of tea bags to Washington and District Offices just to get the point across.

Of course, the physical tea bag will make the biggest impact, but there is another option if you don’t have time to write a letter every week—send a Tea Bag Postcards! With just a 24 cent post card stamp why not send some to congress; send more to your state legislators. Save postage and post a card at the grocery store—just spread the word. Look in your Yahoo Group’s File section or download a “” post card.

In 1773, we demanded change from King George. Today, tea parties across America can galvanize our efforts in this second revolution and get attention of the current House of Lords in Washington. President George Bush must take a leadership position and demand action from congress. I’ve uploaded special “We don’t owe King George a thing!” postcards preaddressed to the White House. How much easier can it get. Just download and print the pdf.

The “Perhaps We Need A Tea Party Again,” song by Jeff Parnell says it all! Jeff is a Candidate for Missouri’s 4th District. He has committed to work for a total overhaul of the tax system and would support implementation of the FAIR Tax. If you have not heard the song, listen to it at

Additional Information:

Visit the Jeff Parnell for Missouri’s 4th District U.S. Congress campaign website.

Send a Tea Bag Postcard (pdf) to Congress. — Download H.R.25/S25 Tea Bag Labels (word).

The incumbent Ike Skelton has a “Leans Against” Fair Tax rating at the time of this posting. See Representatives Skelton’s Scorecard Record for his current position.

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One Response to “It’s Time for a Tea Party Again”

I fail to see how a modern day tea party would function, since our own legislature is not the King of England. It may be that reminding them that to continue on is going to destroy this economy in bits and pieces. As illegal immigration, the baby boomers, and jobs leaving the country due to this broken system will probably trigger a march on Washington the likes of which none of us has ever experienced.

That is of course, a terrorist attack does not take place accross the Mexican border and take care of everyones income tax problems.

Meaning of course that there will be very little income eventually for everyone. No income = no income tax period. Now there is a Tea Party